Ministry Overview


Daughters of Grace Ministries is devoted to teaching the fullness of God’s Word to God’s women of every age and background. Women throughout the quad-cites are actively involved in the ministry’s Bible studies, seminars, conferences, and retreats. Striving to represent the fullness and unity of the Body of Christ, every mainline evangelical denomination is represented. Daughters of Grace welcomes women from both church and nonchurch backgrounds and everything in between. Whether you are a senior saint having spent decades studying the Bible or you are a new Christian, the Word ministry of Daughters of Grace will encourage you in a fresh way with what you already know about Scripture and lead you even deeper into God’s Word than perhaps any study ever has. God’s Word is an immeasurable treasure, and there is an abundance and a fruitfulness that only a verse-by-verse and full book study can impart. Whether a historical book from the Old Testament or an epistle from the New, God promises to speak to His daughter’s hearts in relevant and timely ways today.